Visitor notifications

Video tutorial

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IMPORTANT: Your App field “E-mail address” needs to be set to “optional” or “mandatory” for new visitors. For pre-registered visitors this is not required (it can be set to “hidden”) but you’d be required to set an email address for your visitor from the backoffice website..

First enable “Email visitor on sign in/out” under Account Settings > Visit types > Notification settings as shown below:

visitor notifications

Use the “Email template sign in/out” to edit the email that will be sent to your visitor when they sign out. You can use the following placeholders:

%logopart% for your logo %company_name% for your company name %company_address% for your company address

Use the “Send a test email” to receive a preview of what you will be sending out on your account email address.

send test email

You also have the option to enable “Attach agreements”. This will attach a copy of all the signed agreements on the notification email sent to the visitor upon sign in.

attach agreements

This is how the visitor notification email could look like with attached agreements:

welcome email