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Pre-registration allows a visitor to verify and complete their information prior to their actual visit. When you invite a person to visit your company using Vizito, a link will be included in the invitation email that the visitor can use to access and modify their data.

They can read and sign agreements, take a photo and adjust other data fields like name and company information.

The setting is activated by default but please do note that you are required to update to the latest version of the Vizito tablet app to use this feature.

Follow these steps to test out this new feature:

Add registered visitor:

Step 1: Add the registered visitor from this link:, make sure you add their email address and click on Save and Invite

add registered visitors

Step 2: The visitor receives an email with instructions, this includes a link to fill in their pre-registration (blue button): mail invitation

Step 3: The visitor completes the form from their home, own office or on the go:


pre-registration form

pre-registration agreement

pre-registration sign

pre-registration complete

Signing in on the day of their visit:

The visitor uses the tablet to sign in or uses the contactless sign in option. The visitor selects Registered Visitor, and looks up their information or uses the QR code included in the e-mail (when the QR code sign in feature is enabled). The data that the visitor previously entered is now available and the agreements are automatically skipped:

registered visitor sign-in

confirm registration

confirm sign in