Calendar / Meeting integration

In order to save time and make life easier, you can automatically preregister visitors from your calendar.

This works with most of the calendar software based on iCal like Office365, Google Calendar, …. The invitees of the meeting will be preregistered within Vizito.

Invite people for a meeting

  1. Go to your calendar of choice. We will use Google Calendar as an example here.
  2. Create a meeting / event and fill in the data (name, date, location, attendees): calendar overview
  3. Lastly, add as an attendee and send out the meeting request: calendar new meeting
  4. When prompted, select send invitations to your attendees.

The attendees will be registered in Vizito for the time of the meeting.

Setting up the calendar integration

Step 1: Add your email domains

Go to and navigate to the integration tab:

meeting integration 01

Click on “Add domain” and enter your domain name as shown below:

meeting integration 02

Click on add domain and notice that your domain has not yet been verified:

meeting integration 03

Step 2: Verify your email domains

We need to verify that you are the owner of this domain. This is why we perform a DNS lookup for verification. Click the “Verify” button:

meeting integration 04

Follow the steps in the dialog. Contact your IT administrator if you don’t know how to add a DNS record for the domain. After adding the specified TXT DNS record, please allow some time for it to propagate. In the dialog click on “Verify” to confirm the ownership. If this doesn’t work right away, try again later.

meeting integration 05

You will notice the domain has been verified.

Step 3: Test your meeting integration

Create a meeting and invite someone outside of your company, for example your private email address and add meeting at as well. A registered visitor will be created for each of the invitees outside of your company.

Feel free to get in touch with Vizito customer support via +3211755092 or support at


Make sure “Hide attendee list” is not active when using Microsoft Office 365

hide attendee list

Make sure “See guest list” is active when using Google Calendar

Guest List Google Calendar