Advanced settings

There are several advanced settings/features available for configuration from the website.


Feel free to get in touch to get clarification should the description below not suffice.

Advanced settings linked to your Vizito account (global advanced settings)

  • Validation for registered visitors on this website
    • Enable / Disable validation when creating / updating registered visitors on the backoffice website.
  • Show the sign out button
    • Enable / Disable the sign out button on the main screen of the Vizito app
  • Forces Hosts to be valid
    • Enable / Disable the validity of Hosts. If disabled this will not validate the Host entry. You’ll be able to enter any Host reference, should they not exist, no notifications will be sent.
  • Generate incremental number for visitors
    • Enable / Disable the generation of a unique number linked to each visitor.
  • Time the welcome message dialog will be shown
    • Value to specify how long the welcome message dialog is shown after which it is automatically closed. This is shown directly after the sign in has been concluded.
  • Field used for registered visitors QR lookup feature
    • Value to specify the look up field for the QR lookup feature. By default lookups are done using our internal field " _id". But this could also be set to a custom field of your preference. You’ll need to make sure this custom field has unique values.
  • Idle time after which you get redirected to the Vizito main screen
    • Value to specify the idle timeout. This is entered in seconds. This is the number of seconds you can leave the tablet unattended, after which it will redirect to the main Vizito screen.
  • Number of days you’ll be able to sign out after signing in
    • Value to specify the number of days you’ll be able to sign out, after signing in. By default this is “0” stating that you can sign out the same day you signed in. Setting this to for instance “1” will allow your visitors to sign out the day after the signed in.
  • Keep tablet awake
    • If disabled, the Vizito app will not force the tablet to stay awake, causing it to go dormant based on default operating system configuration.
  • Camera direction for Photo feature
    • Default camera orientation to be used for the take Photo feature. (Note that some Android devices ignore this setting)
  • Camera direction for QR code scanning
    • Default camera orientation to be used for the QR code scanning feature. (Note that some Android devices ignore this setting)
  • Show extra button to send a custom notification from the main screen
    • The custom notification button can be used for a variety of purposes. By default, it can be used by the visitor as a “Help” button. Once the button is clicked, a notification will be sent out to the email address and/or mobile number that you have specified.

Advanced settings linked to a Visit type

  • Automatically create registered visitors
    • Enable / Disable the automatic creation of registered visitors. When enabled, upon visitor sign in, a registered visitor will be automatically created for each visitor.
  • Skip the agreement for registered visitors
    • Enable / Disable the skipping of agreements for registered visitors. When enabled, registered visitors will not be required to accept the currently active agreements.
  • Skip the sign in page, registered visitors don’t need to confirm their data
    • Enable / Disable the skipping of the entire sign in screen and subsequent screens (agreements, signature, …) When enabled, registered visitors will be automatically signed in when scanning their QR code. Note that this feature only works when QR code sign in is enabled.
  • Enforce unique registered visitors sign ins
    • Will enforce registered visitors to be only signed in once at a time. If a registered visitor is currently still signed in, they are not allowed by the system to sign in again. They have to sign out first before they can sign in.
  • Fields used for the registered visitors lookup feature
    • References to fields used to perform the lookup of registered visitors. By default the values are “First name” and “Last name” yielding lookups to be based on these to fields. If you change these fields, you can search for registered visitors based on those fields (for instance a custom number field referencing a registered visitor)
  • Enable signout reminders
    • The host of the visitor will receive an email reminder to sign out their visitor. The signout reminder email is sent after the duration you have specified, which you can input in seconds (e.g. 30 minutes = 1800).