Host configuration

Video tutorial

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To use this feature, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Set “Host datasource” to “Managed within Vizito” in the General page of the backoffice website.
  • Navigate to the “Manage hosts” page (you can click on the button below the Host datasource option) and start entering your hosts (usually employees) details.
  • If you set an email address, the host will be notified by email when a visitor signs in and selects him/her as host.
  • If you set a mobile number, the host will be notified by SMS text message when a visitor signs in and selects him/her as host. Be sure to use the international format (ie +32 471 12 34 56 in Belgium)
  • If you set an internal telephone number, you can use it in the welcome message to tell the visitor which number to call to contact his host.
  • The “Sticky” flag can be used to show Host entries by default to your visitors. If a visitor taps the “Here to see” field in the Vizito app, all Sticky Host entries will be shown. No characters will be required to perform this lookup. This can be particularly useful if a visitor does not know the Host (Create a new Host called “I don’t know my Host”) or is visiting a department (Create a new Host entry called “Sales department”)

Also make sure you set the “Here to see?” field to either “Optional” or “Mandatory” under Visit types > Edit > Sign-in fields, so the visitor gets to select a host.