Manage locations & location groups

Video tutorial

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Locations can have their own configuration. Location groups are logical entities that combine multiple locations to provide custom reports across multiple locations and a custom dashboard.

From the top dropdown list you can select the option “Manage locations”

manage location dropdown

To add a new location click on “Add location”

add location

You can select to create a brand new location by selecting “New configuration”. Selecting an existing location will clone a new location with the same configuration. Note that Registered visitors and Hosts are not copied.

add new location

To add a new location group click on “Add location group”.

add location group

Select which locations are part of the location group.

select location groups

Optionally select which users should be able to access this location group.

select users

Select your newly created location group from the top dropdown list to access the custom dashboard and cross-location visitor log.

dropdown select location group