KioWare for Android Kiosk App

Is the standard App Pinning offered in Android not working properly or do you find insecure, then you can choose to install the KioWare for Android Kiosk App.

Note: you do require a paid version of the app to use this in a production environment. For prices, check out the KioWare pricing page.

KioWare for Android is Android kiosk mode software designed to lockdown Android devices, securing the OS, home screen and browser, as well as limiting Android applications a user can run. This is a tablet kiosk app for Android that creates a kiosk tablet environment for your Android device.

Before starting, make sure that you have the Vizito app installed. If you have not yet installed it, follow this guide to install the Vizito app first.

Follow these steps to install and set up the KioWare for Android Kiosk App on your Android tablet:

Step by step guide

1 Install the application

Unlock you Android tablet and open the Google Play store. Android tablet Home

Search for KioWare for Android Kiosk App and select the following application: Android tablet play store kioware search

Android tablet play store kioware app list

Click on install: Android tablet play store kioware app details

Once the app is installed, click on Open: Android tablet play store kioware app installed

2 Configure Android permission

Next, you will have to allow some permissions in order for the app to work. Follow the guides and read the instructions that you get on screen. Allow all permissions if the tablet is only to be used for Vizito visitor management system.

You should see the screenshots listed below, press allow / change the settings to allow everything: Android tablet permissions picture

Android tablet permissions location

Android tablet permissions audio

Android tablet permissions contacts

Android tablet permissions calls

Android tablet permissions photos media

Android tablet permissions write settings

Android tablet permissions write settings 2

Android tablet permissions system overlay

Android tablet permissions external storage

Android tablet permissions external storage 2

Android tablet permissions query all packages

3 Configure KioWare for Android Kiosk App

Now the application will start and an initial setup wizard will be displayed. Kioware launch screen

Kioware launch wizard

Accept the license agreement: Kioware License Agreement

Start the wizard: Kioware wizard start

Under Select Mode, choose ‘To secure a single Android application’: Kioware wizard mode selection

Select the Vizito application: Kioware wizard application selection

Now accept the following questions and make sure the KioTouch and KioWare Kiosk applications both have full control over the tablet: Kioware wizard data usage

Kioware wizard data usage 2

Kioware wizard accessibility

Kioware wizard full control

Kioware wizard full control 2

For Reset/Attract Mode, select No: Kioware wizard reset / attract

Exiting KioWare, this is described at the end of this article, so click Next: Kioware wizard exiting

Now the wizard is completed, but some more configuration is left to be done. Kioware wizard completed

Open the KioWare Config Tool and on the general tab, edit the settings as shown below: Kioware settings general

On the tab User Interface, configure the settings as shown below: Kioware user interface

On the tab Security, configure the settings as shown below: Kioware security

Under tab Security, tap on Exit Pattern, and configure a unique pattern that you remember / write down: Kioware security exit pattern

Again under tab Security, tap on Exit Passcodes, and configure a unique passcode that you remember / write down. This passcode will be requested when you try to end the KioWare Kiosk Mode. Kioware security exit code

Once everything is done, you can press the red button on top called Launch Kioware.

Set the app switcher to KioWare and choose always as the option. This makes sure that the tablet will always fall back to the KioWare app.

Everything has been set up and you can now use Vizito in Kiosk Mode.

4 To Exit KioWare for Android Kiosk App, please follow these steps:

By default there is an exit button that will currently always appear in the bottom right corner of your screen. Tap this exit button four times to exit KioWare for Android. The default passcode is 3523.

We do not recommend this button to be permanently displayed and advise that you turn the visibility of this button “off” for production kiosks. Best practice is to have this button enabled, but visibility disabled when KioWare is running in single app mode: