Contactless sign in

Contactless sign in / out can be achieved by enabling this feature from the website. Note that you are required to update to the latest version of the Vizito tablet app to use this feature. Covid-19 (Corona virus) compliant way of doing visitor management is ready for use in Vizito. The visitor will scan a QR code shown on the tablet screen after which the registration process can be completed on her or his smartphone.

Sign in:

Step 1: Enable the contactless feature from the website

enable contactless

Step 2: The QR code is shown on the tablet running the Vizito app. A visitor can scan the QR code with their smartphone.

vizito app

Step 3: Complete the process on a smartphone

contactless sign in

Step 4: Change the preferred language

choose language

Step 5: Select the correct visitor type (if applicable)

choose visit type

Step 6: Fill in the fields

form fields

Step 7: Optionally, read & agree to the privacy agreement

read agreements

read agreements step 2

Step 8: Optionally, read the agreement and sign in


agree agreements step 2


Step 9: You’ve successfully signed in!

sign in confirmation

Sign out:

Step 1: When leaving, scan the QR code on the tablet:

vizito app

Step 2: You’re all set! Feel free to leave an optional visitor satisfaction score.

sign out