Vizito Release 1.9.21

Vizito Release 1.9.21

Written by Steven - Written: August 30, 2021


Hey there 👋

Thank you for all your valuable feedback.
We have considered all of the feedback and are happy to announce a lot of new features in Vizito!

Here is an overview of what’s new:

  • Simplified device registration. You no longer need to type over usernames and passwords on the tablet, simply connect your tablet to your account from the backoffice.
  • Changes to notifications
    • Notifications to your host can now be sent out via Microsoft Teams. Find out more.
    • You can now change the contents and messages for your host notifications for all communication channels.
    • You can now send a notification to the host when a visitor signs out.
    • Your visitors can now receive an email when they sign in or out. This can be handy to share some details or to simply send a thank you message to your visitor.
    • You can now customise the invitation email that is sent out to visitors.
  • Changes to agreements
    • support for multiple agreements
    • added video agreements
    • added PDF document agreements
    • added support for setting an expiration date for agreements so that they only need to be read once during a period of time
  • Changes to contactless sign in
    • support for multi-tenant buildings
    • change the position of the contactless QR code on the tablet
    • generate a static QR code that can be printed out and will not expire
  • You can now mark some hosts as sticky. This will automatically show the sticky hosts by default when a user taps on the Here to see? field.
  • Data retention can now also be applied to known visitors. You can now also mark a known visitor as *persistent *to prevent the record from being removed.
  • You can now connect your Apple iPad to a Brother QL-820NWB via Bluetooth and print over Bluetooth instead of WiFi.
  • You can now export visitor information that will include visitor signatures and photos into one Excel document.
  • You can now add numerical fields with a minimum and maximum value to the system.
  • It is now possible to reprint a badge on the tablet from the backoffice. Open a visitors details and choose to print a new badge.
  • We have added support for advanced settings: find out more.

Be sure to update the Vizito app on your tablet to the latest version to enable the new features (iOS / Android app version 1.9.21 or later).

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