Visitor Management System For Coworking Spaces

Vizito is used in coworking businesses all around the globe to secure their workplaces. Our secure digital solution offers compliance and security features that allow you to track everyone entering your coworking offices and offer a custom branded experience for every tenant. The automated reception complies with the most strict privacy legislations and is GDPR compliant.

Visitor Management System For Coworking Spaces


Secure your coworking space

Making coworking spaces more secure by tracking visitors in an efficient way.


Key Security Features

Use real-time notifications, provide QR-codes for accessing protected areas, require legal signatures to protect and secure the intellectual property and data of all your tenants.

Identify people

Each visitor for every tenant gets time-stamped by Vizito during check in and check out making identification easy.

Separate storage

The visitor information is stored in a multi-tenant database where every tenant will be able to only see their own information.

Personal badges

Provide visitors and tenants with automatically printed badges to easily differentiate between companies and people at your offices. Add a QR code for integration with your Access Control System.

Capture signatures

Add an additional layer of security by requiring visitors to sign NDAs and/or other documents during pre-check-in.

Secure storage

All data is securely stored in Frankfurt, Germany and Amsterdam, The Netherlands and belongs to you and your tenants.

Automated notifications

Send real-time alerts to your host when people check in.


It's your system

Make the brands of your tenants stand out by reflecting their branding in all aspects of the registration process.


Key Branding Features

Set custom color schemes, show unique graphics for each tenant. Display your own brands video when the system is not in use.

Professional look

Impress your tenants and visitors right from the beginning with email invitations in their own house-styles. Embed all the information, attachments and address information that they require.

Brand it

Customize button colors, backgrounds, images and notifications to emphasize brand identities for all tenants.

Hello, Hola, ...

Vizito supports 30+ languages making sure the check in process is clear, no matter where you are from.

Make it yours

Tweak all messages presented during the registration process. Send notifications e-mails from your the domains of the tenants.

Document layouts

Branded contracts, security guidelines and NDA’s can be signed digitally upon check in. We will take care of the secure storage of these documents.

Flexible configuration

Vizito can be highly customized so that it can tackle almost all of your visitor registration challenges, even for complex coworking scenario’s.

Coworking testimonial

"It’s very easy to navigate and is essential for our office space. Any time we have any questions the support team is readily available to assist you with amazing customer service. Amazing Support!"



Efficient technology

Become more efficient by streamlining visitor registration processes and automating tasks that were previously done manually.


Key Efficiency Features

Reduce waiting times and internal costs by using our extensive features that improve efficiency.

Been here

Anyone that has previously checked in at a place can quickly regain access to your location by automatically saving them as a recurring and pre-registered person.

Analyze data

Reports and statistics are presented in an easy-to-use way. This allows you to track tenants and visitor check ins and gain key learnings to better allocate your resources.


Your tenants and visitors can check themselves in on the tablet or they can use their own smartphone to complete the forms, read and sign the agreements and complete the check in.

Easy auditing

Find and export data for specific persons while being compliant to audit control requirements. Our reports can be filtered on any data provided during the check in process.

Clearly instructed

The Vizito app offers clear instructions to everyone involved and can greet them in their own language.

Time is up

Automatically check out people after a certain amount of time. You have fine-grained control over the time that people are expected to stay.

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