Visitor Management System For Tourism

Vizito helps keep track of tourists that are currently on the property, park or attraction. It allows them to easily fill in their details in a form that is presented in their native language. Ask them to sign documents where they accept the risks involved in the attraction or live animal park and facilitate easy storage of this information.

Visitor Management System For Tourism


Work smarter

Making managing tourists much more efficient by streamlining processes and introducing automation for manual tasks.


Key Efficiency Features

Reduce waiting times and internal costs by using our extensive features that improve efficiency.

Analyze data

Reports and statistics are presented in an easy-to-use way. This allows you to track the number of tourists checked in and gain key learnings to better allocate your resources.

Easy auditing

Look up and export data for specific persons while meeting audit control requirements. Our reports can be filtered on any data provided during check in.

Clearly instructed

The Vizito app offers clear instructions to your tourists and can greet them in their own language.


Your tourists can check themselves in on the tablet or using their own smartphone.

Time is up

Automatically check out tourists after a certain amount of time. You have fine-grained control over the time that tourists are expected to stay.

Been here

Your tourists can quickly regain access to your location by automatically saving them as a recurring and pre-registered person.


This is us

With the vast amount of information available to tourists today, the competition between parks and attractions has never been higher. Stand out by using Vizito.


Key Branding Features

Focus on what exactly makes you different and build a brand identity around that. Vizito will reflect your brand identity and position itself as a professional part of your registration process.

Make it yours

Customize the kiosk screens, button colors and text messages to emphasize your brand identity and offer a professional look and feel.

Professional look

A great first impression while making the check in process easier. Embed additional information and your contact details within the check in flow.

Hello, Hola, ...

Vizito supports 30+ languages to help students from all over the world feel at home.

Custom flows

Set the right tone by tweaking the messages that tourists receive when they check in. All notifications can be customized to your branding.

Personal badges

Print out a badge for each tourist so that guides can easily identify people at your property, park or attraction. Make age checks as easy as printing a dedicated mark or stamp on the badge.

Document layouts

Set up your security guidelines and waivers in your own house-style and let tourists sign them digitally upon check in. These documents are stored securely together with the tourists records.


Security, guaranteed

Secure your properties, parks and attractions by tracking large volumes of staff and tourists in an efficient way.


Key Security Features

Use real-time notifications, provide QR-codes for accessing protected areas, require legal signatures to protect and secure your properties, staff and tourists.

Identify people

Each tourist gets time-stamped by Vizito during check in and check out making identification easy.

Capture signatures

Ensure proper understanding of guidelines by requiring tourists to sign documents during check-in.

Pandemic ready

Vizito enables easy contact tracing for anyone that reports symptoms of a pandemic infection. You can quickly identify and contact anyone they might have been in contact with over the past few weeks.

Label everything

Print out a personal badge when someone checks in to help easily identify people.

Provide access codes

Automatically generate QR codes that provide access to certain restricted areas.

Automated notifications

Send real-time alerts when tourists check in.

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