Visitor Management System For Food Manufacturers

Improve your food supply chain management (FSCM) by tracking staff and visitors accessing production areas. Provide people with health and safety instructions and make their visit comply with your standards such as wearing hairnets, masks, protective clothing, … . Prevent your supply chain from being shut down due to irregularities.

Visitor Management System For Food Manufacturers


Grow faster

Making food and drinks manufacturers much more efficient by streamlining processes and introducing automations for manual tasks.


Key Efficiency Features

Reduce waiting times and internal costs by using our extensive features that improve efficiency.

Analyze data

Reports and statistics are presented in an easy-to-use way. This allows you to track contractors, visitors and staff and gain key learnings to better allocate your resources.

Easy auditing

Look up and export data for specific persons while meeting audit control requirements. Our reports can be filtered on any data provided during check in.

Clearly instructed

The Vizito app offers clear instructions to your visitors and can greet them in their own language. Display translated health and safety instructions.


People can check themselves in on the tablet or using their own smartphone without having to touch the tablet or kiosk at the reception.

Time is up

Automatically check out people after a certain amount of time. You have fine-grained control over the time that people are expected to stay.

Been here

Your visitors and contractors can quickly regain access to your location by automatically saving them as a recurring and pre-registered person.

Health and safety

Keep the chain safe

Convert your food and drinks production plants into safe environments for your visitors, employees and customers.

Health and safety

Key Health And Safety Features

Keep your food supply chain running by enforcing strict health and safety protocols to anyone visiting your production areas.

Identify people

Each person gets time-stamped by Vizito during check in and check out making identification easy. Printing out badges during check in simplifies identification.

Safety guidelines

Write safety guidelines in the languages that your contractors and visitors understand. Add as many guidelines or agreements as you need and share them among contractors, visitors and employees.

Multi plant

Whether you have one or multiple production plants, Vizito has got you covered. Quickly roll out new production plants right from the administrative website and clone health and safety settings from existing plants..

Check in everywhere

Contractors, visitors and employees can scan a printed QR code to quickly check in using their own smartphone. No need for additional hardware to be installed.

Fast setup

The configuration of questions and safety instructions can be done remotely, new check ins will automatically use the most up to date information.

Use access codes

Generate QR codes that can easily be scanned at food and drinks production plant entrances or by security personnel.

Food and drinks testimonial

"Excellent product for visitor registration. Overall: Very positive. The ease of setup and the interaction with support [are a big pro]."



Security, guaranteed

Track visitors that visited your plants and make sure that you can quickly identify any breaches. Ensure that your food production stays secure.


Key Security Features

Use real-time notifications, provide QR-codes for accessing protected areas, require legal signatures to protect and secure your production plants.

Identify people

Each visitor gets time-stamped by Vizito during check in and check out making identification easy.

Capture signatures

Make sure everyone has read the safety protocols and agrees to them by providing their signature. You can send them these protocols, agreements and other documents prior to their visit.

Automated notifications

Send real-time alerts to your host when people check in.

Detect anomalies

Vizito enables easy tracing of anyone that has visited your plants during the past weeks. Vizito helps to quickly identify possible sources of contamination.

Label everything

Print out a personal badge when someone checks in to help easily identify people.

Provide access codes

Automatically generate QR codes that provide access to certain areas of your school or university.

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