Vizito helps people stay safe during a pandemic. Use our innovative features to minimize potential spread of diseases.

A no-touch visitor management system that is 100% secure

Allow your visitors to enjoy the same experience they get on the tablet, but from the safety of their own smartphone. You no longer need to disinfect the touchscreen after every visit. Our QR code is secure and can only be scanned once. It is time-limited and prevents fraud and offsite sign ins.


Agreements, signature and photos

Vizito contactless sign in offers all the features that our tablet app offers, but made convenient for use on a smartphone. You have the flexibility to use custom fields, find and notify your employees and even print a badge for the visitor right after they signed in from their smartphone. Once your visitor is ready to leave, all they have to do is scan the QR code and they will automatically be signed out.

Helping companies around the globe with social distancing

Vizito is used globally serving all kinds of industries from enterprises, data-centers to hospitals and universities.

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