The reception is the entry point for your visitors. Vizito helps protect your ideas, properties and people from unwanted intruders.

Be prepared to evacuate

When something unexpected endangers your organisation and your people, you want to make sure that everyone is safe. Vizito tracks who is on site or in your buildings, at all times and allows you to easily keep records of who has been evacuated. Send alerts to all your on site employees and visitors so that they can evacuate in a timely manner.


Screen your visitors

You can screen a visitor when they sign in to either approve or reject their entrance to your buildings. Your receptionist will receive a notification of the result of the screening so that they can determine whether to grant access to the visitor or not.

Manage agreements

Vizito allows you to digitally manage all of the agreements with your visitors. Whether they are safety instructions, NDA’s, instructional videos. Going paperless saves you from tracking and storing documents whilst caring for our planet.


Identify your visitors

Using printed badges allows you to easily identify people within your buildings. Provide each type of visitor with a unique and easily recognizable badge to protect from unwanted access.

Reduce human errors

Standardize your forms and agreements so everyone is signed in according to your policies.


Trace contacts when someone gets sick

Track down the people that you need to inform in case one of your colleagues gets sick. Help them and their family stay safe by informing them of a possible dangerous contact.

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