Vizito can integrate with other essential tools within your organisation, making the experience more seamless for your visitors and employees.

Active Directory

Save time setting up all of your colleagues in Vizito by simply integrating your Active Directory server, whether it is on premise or on Azure. This will automatically load them and notify them once a visitor signs in.


Teams notifications

Save time and make it easier for your visitors to get in touch with their contact person. Send out a notification to your Host via the Microsoft Teams platform.

Slack notifications

Say goodbye to tracking down hosts. Your hosts will automatically be alerted through Slack, Teams, email and text messages.

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Clearpass WiFi access token

The Aruba Clearpass integration enables you to generate temporary guest WiFi tokens for your visitors. Access is revoked when your visitors sign out.

Meeting integration

Automatically create a pre-registered visitor once you send out a meeting invitation to your visitor. Vizito will pick up the visitors details and pre-register them for the date of the meeting making sign in a lot faster.

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