Visitor Management System For Elderly Care

Our seniors are one of the most vulnerable groups of population that are at high risk to a serious pandemic infection. Pro-active screening and contactless check in procedures for guardians are key to ensuring safer visits to long-term care facilities such as senior living. Vizito helps prevent infections from spreading out of control and guest and visitor screening protocols ensure the safety of long-term care and assisted living.

Visitor Management System For Elderly Care


Health and safety

Make assisted living spaces a healthy and safe environment for your seniors.


Key Health And Safety Features

Require all visitors to register and inform them about health and safety protocols within your spaces.

Identify people

Each visitor gets time-stamped by Vizito during check in and check out making identification easy.

Healthy protocols

Vizito encourages guests to read and sign documented protocols, such as health, safety or security guidelines during check in. These documents are stored securely with the visitor records.

Hello, Hola, ...

Vizito supports 30+ languages making sure the check in process is clear, no matter where you are from.

Quick validation

Using a printed badge allows you to quickly identify if a visitor, who is roaming your living space, has correctly checked in and is aware of the protocols that are active.

Provide access codes

Automatically generate QR codes that provide access to certain areas of your workspace.

Contactless sign in

Allow visitors to check in for their scheduled visit using their own smartphone. Thus helping prevent further spread of diseases through your equipment.


Work smarter

Making elderly care more efficient by streamlining processes and introducing automations for manual tasks.


Key Efficiency Features

Reduce waiting times and internal costs by using our extensive features that improve efficiency.

Analyze data

Reports and statistics are presented in an easy-to-use way. This allows you to track visitors visiting your residents and gain key learnings to better allocate your resources.

Easy auditing

Look up and export data for specific persons or residents while meeting audit control requirements. Our reports can be filtered on any data provided during check in.

Clearly instructed

The Vizito app offers clear instructions to your visitors, staff and guardians and can greet them in their own language.


Your visitors and guests can check themselves in on the tablet or use their own smartphone.

Time is up

Automatically check out people on-site after a certain amount of time. You have fine-grained control over the time that visitors are expected to stay.

Been here before

Your visitors can quickly check in to your living spaces by automatically saving them as recurring or pre-registered visitors.

Elderly care testimonial

"[The Vizito] team was incredibly helpful in answering questions and showing us a few tips/tricks to make this software work for us. I have accurate data on each of our residence, which is exactly what we were looking for when going paperless."

Andrea J. - Terra Pointe Memory Care - Avista Senior Living


Protect data and privacy

Worldwide, privacy has been the focus of regulatory principles, like the GDPR in Europe. Vizito helps you stay compliant.


Key Privacy Features

Add additional privacy layers to your current visitor and guardian register, you can now easily comply with requests to be forgotten based on individual requests.

One view to rule them all

Vizito offers a real-time dashboard that allows you to monitor and inspect the most recent activities happening across all spaces that you manage, from one single page.

Data privacy and GDPR

All of the data stored within Vizito, whether it be from your visitors, your employees or your billing details. They are all stored in a secure way that is fully GDPR compliant.

Historical data

Vizito offers extensive options for saving historical data. You can decide for which period of time the data will be stored and you can always access your data using our visitor log, API or export features (CSV or Excel).

More insight

Configure additional mandatory questions that your visitors and staff have to complete. That way you make sure that your processes are correctly followed.

Disaster inspires ingenuity

Make a list of everyone that is checked in using the emergency list feature, and send a text message to them all in case of an emergency. This feature is required by law in many areas and supports a secure and auditable process.

Digital document signing

Vizito encourages guests to sign contracts, such as NDA agreements and health and safety guidelines on the tablet upon check in. These documents are stored securely with the visitor records.

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