Visitor Management System For Manufacturing

Visitor management systems simplify the registration processes of manufacturing. It makes it easier to present safety information and health considerations to your employees and visitors. Find out in seconds who is still checked in, and make the registration process for employees and contractors as simple and fast as possible so that you can focus on your production activities.

Visitor Management System For Manufacturing

Security and efficiency

Very efficient

By streamlining processes manufacturing plants and facilities become more efficient and more secure at the same time.

Security and efficiency

Key Security And Efficiency Features

Control who gains access to the manufacturing plants by screening contractors and visitors when they arrive.

No more paper

Make the administration of the access log for your plants more environmentally friendly by removing paper registration logs.


Identify who is currently checked in at which manufacturing plant at one glance at the Vizito dashboard.

Evacuation ready

Send an automated message to all people that are checked in at a manufacturing plant in case that an emergency occurs. Use the available headcount that is integrated and is updated in real-time.

Clearly instructed

The Vizito app offers clear instructions to your everyone involved and can greet them in their own language.

Time is up

After a certain period, have people checked out automatically, even if someone forgets to check out at the end of the day.

Ready, set, go

Contractors and visitors can be pre-registered and saved automatically to faster access on returning visits.

Health and safety

Keep everyone safe

Convert your manufacturing plants into safe environments for your contactors, visitors and employees.

Health and safety

Key Health And Safety Features

Require all contractors and visitors to register and inform them about safety protocols and health concerns.

Identify people

Each person gets time-stamped by Vizito during check in and check out making identification easy. Printing out badges during check in simplifies identification.

Check in everywhere

Contractors, visitors and employees can scan a printed QR code to quickly check in using their own smartphone. No need for additional hardware to be installed.

Fast setup

The configuration of questions and safety instructions can be done remotely, new check ins will automatically use the most up to date information.

Safety guidelines

Write safety guidelines in the languages that your contractors and visitors understand. Add as many guidelines or agreements as you need and share them among contractors, visitors and employees.

Multi plant

Whether you are working on one plant or multiple plants at the same time, Vizito has got you covered. Quickly roll out new plants right from the administrative website.

Use access codes

Generate QR codes that can easily be scanned at manufacturing plant entrances or by security personnel.

Manufacturing testimonial

"Easy to use and to manage. This will avoid typing mistakes and work at the reception. The system automatically prints visitor labels and will automatically inform the host. Also a warning SMS for all visitors in case of an emergency is very useful."

Ronny K. - LAG Trailers


Brand awareness

Make your brand stand out by reflecting the branding in all aspects of the registration process.


Key Branding Features

Set custom color schemes, show unique graphics or display your brand video when the system is not in use.

Hello, Hola, ...

Vizito supports 30+ languages to help people from all over the world feel at home.

Professional look

Impress your contractors and visitors right from the beginning with email invitations in your own house-style. Embed all the information, attachments and address information that they need.

Brand it

Customize button colors, backgrounds, images and notifications to emphasize your brand identity.

Personal badges

Provide contractors, visitors and staff with automatically printed badges to easily differentiate between people at your manufacturing plants.

Make it yours

Tweak all messages presented during the registration process of your contractors. Send notification e-mails from your own domain.

Document layouts

Branded contracts, safety guidelines and NDA’s can be signed digitally upon check in. We will take care of the secure storage of these documents.

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