Visitor management for multiple locations

Adopt and easily manage a digital visitor management system for multiple locations so that you can provide a consistent sign-in experience to your visitors wherever they are.

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How do you track your visitors?

With Vizito you have access to an efficient and secure solution for tracking visitors at your facility, offering benefits such as enhanced security, compliance with regulations, streamlined check-in processes, comprehensive record-keeping, and improved professionalism.

Benefits of multi-location visitor management

Visitor registration dashboard

Companies, big and small, can all benefit from having a modern reception with a visitor management software that improves safety and leaves a powerful impression on visitors.

By implementing a digital visitor management system for multiple locations, you can:

  • Maintain a consistent sign in experience for your visitors worldwide
  • Centrally manage and remotely monitor your locations
  • Easily adapt your safety and security measures to local regulations

Multi-location management features

For larger companies or enterprises, implementing a digital visitor registration solution can get so much more complex. Therefore, Vizito has designed features that would make it tremendously easier for multi-location enterprises to adopt a professional sign in software.

Save time and clone your locations instead of starting over from scratch. Easily scale up by cloning configurations from your existing locations. Get Vizito up and running in multiple locations within minutes.

Location Cloning

Group multiple locations together to have a custom dashboard and cross-location visitor log. Manage your multi-site security with a clear overview of all your visitors in the location group.

Customize the appropriate security measures and policies for each site. Modify your agreements and data protection policy to comply with local regulations.

Location-specific Configuration

Navigate between your different locations easily to change the settings or view the dashboard.

Access Control

Access Control

Control access to your visitor log and configurations. Limit access level by assigning the correct roles to your users.

Active Directory

Active Directory

Synchronize your employees directly to your Vizito system from your Active Directory or Azure systems.



Localize the visitor registration experience by welcoming your guests in their own language. Vizito supports 29 languages!

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