Make the most out of your workday. Vizito automates manual tasks so that everyone can focus on what matters most.

Create a seamless experience

Save time and make it easier for your visitors to get in touch with their contact person. Waste no time maintaining a paper logbook, creating manual badges and tracking legal documents.


Instant notifications

Say goodbye to tracking down hosts. Your hosts will automatically be alerted through Slack, Teams, email and text messages.

Pre-register visitors

Send your visitors an email before their appointment. This provides them with all the necessary information and allows them to check all the information and agreements before their visit.


Welcome your visitors in their language

Using Vizito you can welcome your visitors in their own language. This helps them to easily complete the sign in form and to read the agreements in their native language.

Fast sign in

Vizito allows your visitors to use a QR code once they are pre-registered and invited. This saved them time re-entering their information each time they visit.


Multi-location and multi-building

Manage all of your locations and buildings from one single dashboard. Add new locations as your organisation grows and group them into logical units like country or region.

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