Recent changes in Vizito!

An update on recent changes!

Written by Steven - Written: May 4, 2022


Vizito was built on feedback from our prospects & customers. We love to stay in touch with our users and learn from their experiences. This has been what powers our solution since day 1.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to give any feedback! Thank you in advance and thanks to all of you that provided feedback in the past!

Recent changes

New website is live!

Our website has been revamped with a fresh new look.

Billing section

We have introduced a billing option which is available on our website. It holds a brief overview on your current subscription status, next renewal date, payment method and periodicity. Open invoices can be consulted and a payment link is available. Paid invoices can be downloaded in PDF format.

Vizito billing section

Location management and location groups

Manage your locations from our website. You can add new locations from the dropdown list on top of the screen. Location groups are logical entities that are based on one or more locations. Location group reports are visitor logs that combine information on those locations.

Find more information on locations & location groups

Location management and location groups

Background images preview

Background images and logos can now be previewed for your convenience.

Background images and logos preview


You can now conveniently pull up the placeholder dialog and select the ones you would like to use in your badge template.

Placeholder dialog for badge template

The same applies for notifications sent to your Hosts & Visitors.

Placeholder dialog for notifications

General changes

We’ve boosted performance for the visitor log to make sure you can pull those reports quickly.

We’ve added a few extra advanced features.

  • Enforce unique registered visitors sign ins
    • Will enforce registered visitors to be only signed in once at a time.
  • Keep tablet awake
    • If disabled, the Vizito app will not force the tablet to stay awake, causing it to go dormant based on default operating system configuration.

Find more information on Vizito’s advanced features

You can now dispatch an email to your visitor with information on their visitor screening results.

Custom fields can now have custom validation rules. These are based on a regular expression which can be configured from the Sign-in fields

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