A Unique Greeting for Everyone: 5 Visitor Types and How to Welcome Them

Discover how to welcome different types of visitors to your business with personalized approaches. Learn tips for greeting business partners, new employees, delivery personnel, contractors, and tour groups.

Written by Jill - Written: June 26, 2024


Have you ever reflected on the flow of visitors entering your business on a daily basis? Each with their own purpose, different background, and a unique reason for their visit. No two guests are the same. And this motley collection of characters calls for a welcome that is just as varied as they are.

Within this jumble of visitors, we have managed to distinguish five types – from the “Friend,” who moves through the office building as if it were their second home, to the “Tourist,” who looks around in wonder at every step behind the scenes.

To honor this diversity, it is crucial to provide each type of visitor with a tailor-made welcome. After all, a first impression is made only once, and is for life. With a digital visitor registration system, you are one step ahead, turning each visit into a personalised experience. And who knows, maybe that “Tourist” will eventually become a “Friend.”

Cartoon Visitor Type The Friend

1. The Friend

Examples: Business partners, investors, loyal customers

Profile: Whether it’s a regular customer, a business partner who frequently comes in for discussions, or a former employee who still maintains strong ties with the organization, the Friend is a familiar face within your company and feels at home. They navigate the check-in process and the building with ease, are known to the reception staff, greet employees by name, and are always in for a chat.

Approach: For the Friend, a quick, business-like handling of the check-in process is not suitable. You prefer to welcome them warmly and cordially, taking the time for an informal chat. There’s no need to explain the workings of the check-in process to them, nor do you need to guide the Friend around. However, it is important to recognize and appreciate their contribution to the company, making the Friend feel valued and an integral part of the organization.

Cartoon Visitor Type The Newbie

2. The Newbie

Examples: Applicants, potential customers, new employees, interns

Profile: The Newbie is venturing into uncharted territory. This is their first time at your company, and they’re often filled with anticipation about what lies ahead. This initial experience can be pivotal for future relationships. The Newbie may have questions or feel somewhat nervous, especially if they are applicants or new interns.

Approach: The Newbie needs clear instructions, such as how the check-in process works and where they need to go. A warm, supportive welcome is crucial. Greet the Newbie in a friendly and informative manner, with extra care and attention, to leave an unforgettable first impression. Tailor your approach based on the specific needs of the Newbie: reassure applicants with a relaxed conversation, provide new employees with a tour of the company, and offer potential customers a detailed introduction to your organization and its values. This way, every Newbie will feel welcome, valued, and well-informed.

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Cartoon Visitor Type The Quick Visitor

3. The Quick Visitor

Examples: Office supply vendors, courier services, food delivery personnel

Profile: The Quick Visitor is someone who enters the company swiftly to deliver a package, ordered supplies, or lunch packages, and leaves immediately after the delivery is completed. These visitors often have a tight schedule and are under time pressure.

Approach: For the Quick Visitor, efficiency is paramount. They appreciate a fast and smooth service, without unnecessary delays. There’s no time for a chat, or to wait for the right person to receive the delivery. The focus during reception is on facilitating their needs in a practical and streamlined manner. A smooth check-in and check-out experience, possibly supported by pre-filled data or an expedited process, significantly eases the task of the Quick Visitor.

Cartoon Visitor Type The Professional

4. The Professional

Examples: Contractors, maintenance technicians, cleaning services, safety experts, caterers

Profile: Time is of the essence for the Professional. These experts visit your company with a mission in hand. Whether it’s for repairs, maintenance, or providing catering during an event, the visit of the Professional is focused and purposeful, often under the pressure of completing the task within a set timeframe.

Approach: A smooth and professional approach is critical, given the business nature of the visit. The Professional appreciates a streamlined check-in procedure, clear instructions, and efficient access to the necessary facilities or locations. Amenities that facilitate an unhindered execution of their duties, such as digital visitor registration, quick check-in with pre-registration, and customized visitor badges, are invaluable. But don’t hesitate to pamper the Professional as well. Offering a drink or a snack shows recognition for their hard work.

Cartoon Visitor Type The Tourist

5. The Tourist

Examples: Student groups, potential customers, or other visitors during company tours, family members of employees

Profile: While your work is serious business to you, the Tourist is primarily looking for entertainment and education while visiting your company. This category includes people taking part in tours or personal guests of employees, curious about their loved ones’ workplace. The Tourist is here to explore, learn, and have fun at the same time.

Approach: This is not a business visit, but a relaxed one. The pace may therefore be a little slower, with room for humor and playfulness. A welcoming, informative tour offers the Tourist a memorable experience. Yet even in this informal setting, it is still important to convey your company’s professionalism and core values. Offering a welcome package, goodie bag, or informational guide can be a nice way to show appreciation, and gives visitors something tangible to take home.

Do you recognize the different types of visitors entering your business? Identifying visitor types is essential to provide everyone with a tailored and personalised welcome. Because no matter who you are dealing with, you want to ensure that every welcome leaves a lasting positive impression.

Digital visitor registration provides perfect support to make the check-in process smooth and efficient, making an excellent first impression on your guests. This allows you to spend more time on a friendly and relaxed reception, while creating a personalized welcome for each visitor that suits their unique needs and expectations.

The system allows you to determine for each type of visitor what personal information you request, whether to take a photo and issue a visitor badge, enable pre-registration, and so on. A human touch and a smile complete the picture.

To get a feel of how a modern visitor management system can help your business, try out Vizito during a 14-day trial. Chat with us or book a demo to discuss how Vizito can help you improve your reception.

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