Vizito supports new languages

An update on recent changes!

Written by Pieter-Jan - Written: July 29, 2022


Support for additional languages

You can now welcome your visitors in the following languages:

🇪🇪 Estonian

🇮🇱 Hebrew

🇰🇷 Korean

Signout message via Teams

You can now receive a message via Teams when your visitor signs out.

Signed PDF

When exporting or downloading the agreements of a visitor they will now also include the signature of the visitor.

BETA feature - Upcoming visits listed on the dashboard

You can now get an easy overview of the visitors that are expected for today (and the upcoming days).

Get in touch with us via chat to have this feature activated for your account.

Vizito was built based on feedback from our prospects and customers. We love to stay in touch with our users and learn from their experiences.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to give any feedback!

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