In order to use Vizito efficiently in a multi-tenant setup, it is important you understand how it works.

Each Vizito subscription can be viewed as a “container that holds visitors”. Each container can be linked to one or multiple usernames. In it’s most basic setup, you create a Vizito trial subscription, and you get one container, which is linked to one username.

However, consider the following scenario:

  • You own a building which rents out office space to it’s tenants: Incubator ABC.
  • You want to offer your tenants an optional “Reception” service, which includes Vizito.
  • You would like to manage all tenants (containers for visitors), but would like to offer your tenants the possibility to manage their own container.
  • Company X and Y both rent their own office.
  • Company Z rents an office, but also has an office in a different location, and also wants to use Vizito there.
  • The office managers at each of the Company Z locations wants access to the visitors of their location.
  • The Company Z IT department wants access to both locations.

multi-tentant setup

So in essence, we have 4 containers. 2 for each location of Company Z, one for company X and one for company Y. For this setup, we have 6 accounts:

  • 4 accounts have access to just 1 container (for example for the office manager)
  • 1 account has access to all containers at Incubator ABC (for the receptionist at the entrance)
  • 1 account has access to both company Z locations (for the company Z IT dept)

If you log into the app with an account that has access to only one container, the visitor will be presented with the sign in/sign out screen of that container If you log into the app with an account that has access to multiple containers, the visitor will first have to choose a container before arriving on the sign in/sign out screen.