Messages / placeholders

Configure the messages shown to your visitors

You can configure your welcome, sign out message, in all supported languages, from the backoffice website under the tab “General

By default the welcome message holds the following: “Thank you for signing in!{ Please contact your host by dialing %telephone_number% using the supplied phone.}” As you probably noticed it is possible to use placeholders for data being captured by Vizito in your welcome message. Using a placeholder is as simple as encapsulating it with the %-sign, for instance use %telephone_number% for the internal telephone number of the host.

Below you can find a list of default placeholders:

  • First name: %first_name%
  • Last name: %last_name%
  • Here to see: %recipient%
  • Company: %company%
  • Address: %address%
  • Zip code: %zip_code%
  • City: %city%
  • Phone: %phone%
  • Email: %email%
  • Signed in: %signed_in%
  • Signed out: %signed_out%

You are however not limited to these placeholders. Even custom fields can be used in the welcome message, be sure to encapsulate it with the %-sign and remove any spaces.

We’ve added something extra along the way to give you more flexibility towards our messages. You can notice the usage of the curly brackets "{ }". If for some reason the placeholder is empty for a given host or visitor, the entire message within these curly brackets will be hidden. This adds an extra dynamic to the welcome message.

For instance take the following welcome message: “Thank you for signin in! { %company% has been added to our visitor list }” If “Company” is a field that is optional and the visitor does not supply it the message shown will be: “Thank you for signin in!” If “Company” is supplied (example: Vizito) the message will show “Thank you for signin in! Vizito has been added to our visitor list