iOS Bluetooth printing

In this topic, we will help you to connect your Brother QL-820NWB printer to your iPad using Bluetooth.

Follow these steps to connect your printer:

  1. Unbox the printer and set it up in proximity to your iPad.
  2. Remove all adhesive tape and open up the printer cover. You will find a pull tab for the internal coin cell battery that needs to be removed. Use a coin to open the battery cover and remove the plastic pull tab. Close this cover up again.
  3. Now insert the label roll that you wish to use and feed the end into the front of the printer until you see it coming out on the front. Now press the cut button for 1 second to initialize the feed and cut off any excess roll.
  4. Now is the time that you can plug in the printer to the power socket.
  5. Press the power on button to turn on the printer and verify that the green status light is on.
  6. Use the [▲] and [▼] buttons together with the [OK] button to navigate the menu’s and set up the language, date and time when prompted.
  7. After the initial setup is completed, press the Menu button and press 2 times [▲] until you see menu option called Bluetooth (6/7). Press [OK].
  8. In the sub-menu, choose Bluetooth (On/Off) and press [OK].
  9. Using the [▲] button, set the value to On and press [OK].
  10. Press the [↩] button to go back to the main menu.

Your printer is now discoverable for Bluetooth, now take your iPad and open Settings (⚙️).

Tap on Bluetooth and turn on Bluetooth if it is disabled. The iPad will now start looking for Bluetooth devices:


Tap on the QL-820NWB{XXXX} that is listed under Other Devices.

Once the connection is made, you will see the device listed under My Devices:


Make sure that it is Connected before proceeding.

Now go to the and check if one of your visit types has Badge Printing enabled. You can do this by clicking Edit > opening tab Badge and turning on Print on check in.

Hit the green Save button and continue on the iPad.

Open the Vizito app, follow the instructions on the device by tapping OK in the Choose printer dialog.

Your iPad will now start searching for connected Bluetooth printers. Once it has found the connected device, click on the button that states: Set printer to QL-820NWB{XXXX}.

Now everything has been set up and you can test if you are able to print badges automatically on sign ins. Click Sign In and enter some dummy information, complete the sign in and at the end the badge will automatically be print out.

In anything should not work as expected, please email support at

Warning: the Bluetooth connection will be disconnected if either the iPad or the Printer gets turned off, so make sure that you re-connect to the Printer by going to Settings on the iPad and tapping on the device to make the connection.