7 common questions about digital visitor management systems

Written by Jill - Written: February 9, 2022


Saving time, reducing paper and leaving an indelible first impression with your customers: digital visitor management offers many advantages.

If you are considering a digital visitor management system, you probably have a lot of questions. Here are the seven questions we hear most often - and, of course, our answers.

1. What are the benefits of digital visitor management?

The benefits of digital visitor management are numerous. We list a few:

  • Time savings. Thanks to digital visitor management, your receptionists no longer waste time registering visitors, keeping logbooks, printing badges and tracing and notifying contacts. This frees up time for them to concentrate on their other responsibilities.
  • Less paper and administration. Keeping paper logbooks and visitor information is a thing of the past. From now on, you can conveniently manage all information from all your locations and buildings from one dashboard.
  • Security. In the aftermath of Covid-19, a system that supports contactless sign in is very welcome. Some digital visitor management systems, such as Vizito, allow your visitors to pre-register so that when they arrive, all they have to do is scan a QR code with their smartphone. Completely coronaproof.
  • Data protection. Digital visitor management is safer than a paper list that is lying around at the reception and on which visitors can see the information of other people. Your visitors’ data is processed and stored securely in accordance with GDPR legislation.
  • Customizable look. With most digital visitor management systems, such as Vizito, you can fully customize the look to match your own corporate identity. If you wish, you can also share important information, such as safety instructions, with your visitors.

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2. Do visitors find the system easy to use?

Yes, most do. According to our customers, their visitors are enthusiastic about the new way of registering.

Digital visitor management offers advantages for your guests: they do not have to wait for an employee to check them in, but can get started right away. Visitors who register in advance only have to scan their QR code upon arrival. This again saves them time.

Digital visitor management also allows you to welcome your visitors in their own language. That makes it easier for them to fill in the registration form and read any additional information.

3. Does the system replace my receptionist?

That is, of course, entirely up to you, but most of our customers choose Vizito to supplement their existing reception desk - and at a fraction of the cost of an additional staff member. The big advantage here is that the system automates several repetitive, time-consuming tasks, allowing your receptionists to focus on other responsibilities.

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4. How much time does it take to install the system, and what do I need?

Most users install a digital visitor management system on a tablet. Vizito is available for Apple iPad and Android tablets, but also works on a touchscreen PC. You can link as many devices to your account as you like.

The system is easy to install. Create an account, install the app and customize it to your needs, taking only a few moments to set up. Vizito’s team is always available to answer any of your questions.

5. Which companies use digital visitor management?

All kinds of companies - from small businesses to multinationals - they all use digital visitor management. Vizito is used worldwide in all in all kinds of industries: from enterprises over data centers to hospitals and universities.

6. Does the app integrate with other systems?

Not all visitor registration systems offer integrations, but many apps, like Vizito, do. You can sync the system with your Active Directory server, notification systems and more. For example, you can have your staff automatically alerted via Slack, Teams, email and/or text messages when their guest has arrived. Be on the lookout for systems that provide an API for building custom integrations.

7. How can digital visitor management help with security?

Digital visitor management provides a provides a firewall for your business. By allowing visitors to check in digitally, and provide information as needed, you know who is in your buildings at any given moment. You also have the ability to screen your visitors before granting them access. And by using printed badges, possibly with a photo, you can also easily identify people in your buildings.

In emergencies, such as a fire, a system like Vizito also allows you to send an alert to everyone who has checked in and hasn’t checked out, so your visitors can leave the building in time.

During pandemics, a digital visitor registration system is also useful for tracking contacts when someone falls ill. You help your staff and their families stay safe by notifying them of potential high-risk contacts.

To get a feel of how a modern visitor management system can help your business grow, try out Vizito for free during a 14-day trial or chat with us to discuss how Vizito can help you improve your reception.

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